About Our Company

2 Photographers, 2 Cameras, 2 Styles and 1 Business!

We are a brother and sister team who really enjoy working together.  We have both loved photography for a long time and at first we were only capturing moments of our little ones and family.  We were talking one day and decided, hey!, why don't we turn our passion into something more?  This quickly turned into us deciding to create a business that would allow us to capture those special moments for you too!

A little more about us.  We are two years separated so we grew up pretty close.  She knew that I would always have her back and I knew that she would always have mine.  Now, this doesn't mean that we didn't have moments of absolutely hating each other,  or at least what we thought was hate (it was really love :) ).  But, through it all we always found a way to stay close and have a great bond!  I believe this has allowed us this opportunity of creating a business and working together.  We live in opposite ends of the metroplex but I believe that creates an advantage for us.  Josh lives in the Little Elm/Frisco area and Alex lives in Midlothian.  This allows us to cover large areas and work with many different people that would otherwise be difficult.  Majority of the time you will see both of us at a session.  We really like to capture multiple angles and provide you different styles of your final product. Other times there may only be one of us but that doesn't mean your moments that we capture will be any less special.  

We really look forward to working with you in the near future.  We want to help you capture those memories so they last you a lifetime!

Please contact us using the button above or at photographer@yourlifeourlens.org .  



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